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The Enemy Inside by Steve Martini audio txt doc flibusta free

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Book description

Needed a drink to get through this MartiniI read one other book by Steve Martini entitled ‘The Jury.’ It was, in my opinion, mediocre at best. Not good, not bad. Just meh. I decided to give this author one more novel to ‘wow’ me. I just finished “The Enemy Inside” and will not be giving him a third chance.There are several things I look for in a book, things that, to me, make it enjoyable. The Enemy Inside lacked in all areas.Character Development: I like to be able to identify with the protagonist on some level. Probably about 80-85% of the novels I read have recurring characters. After reading 2 books with Paul Madriani as the lead I can honestly state I know NOTHING about this man. What hobbies does he have? What does he do in his spare time? What kind of food does he like? Is he into sports at all? What’s his sense of humor like? Does he listen to music? Things that make him him. What kind of women is he attracted to? I have no idea. All I know is his wife died and he has a daughter. I feel Paul Madriani has to be the most boring, most cardboard protagonist in literature today. Other characters in this novel have traits, albeit one dimensional. His partner Harry is cynical. His investigator Herman is sarcastic. In this novel there’s a stripper who is well-educated, a crooked politician who is paranoid, a CEO who is psychotic, a young kid who is wimpy, a German who likes to drink. And then we have Paul Madriani who is…well, I don’t know.I cant help but feel that when Paul, Harry and Herman aren’t working on a case, they have no life. They simply vanish into the ether at 5pm and reappear the next morning.To further backup my claim of there being nothing personal in Mr. Madriani: In this novel, they are handed a case. Madriani’s daughter, Sarah, has a good friend who is arrested and asks her dad to defend her friend. He agrees. Ok, that’s nice. Yet, at no time in the 371 pages is there a conversation between father and daughter about how the case is progressing. Wouldn’t you think that, just as a courtesy, there’d be some communication between them?I’m not even sure how old he’s supposed to be. I thought Madriani was in his 50’s since he has a daughter (who is either in college or graduated) and there’s remarks about his gray hair. However, in one scene, someone else who is in his 50’s is talking to Madriani about J. Edgar Hoover and says ‘You’re probably too young to remember him.” Well, if Madriani IS in his 50’s, then of course he’d remember Hoover. I actually found some of the ‘heroes’ in this book not very heroic. Paul and Harry are tailed for months, through San Diego, through Lucerne, Switzerland. Yet, they never realize it. The investigator, Herman, is also followed around for weeks and yet never knows he’s being tailed either. Hmm…Twists and Turns: This novel had none. It was very predictable. It started out okay. The first few chapters, maybe as much as 40 pages or so, were interesting. Then the book went in another direction and to me became mundane. I like to be thrown for a loop when I’m reading. Startled by a revelation I didn’t see coming. This novel had no ‘Oh wow’ moments. Style: Granted, this is just opinion. We all have different views on what we deem a good writing style. I enjoy a book that flows, that moves along quickly at a steady pace. This novel, to me, kept being herky-jerky, stops and starts. Throughout this book I feel like the author, Mr. Martini, injected himself into the novel to espouse his views or beliefs or opinions. This novel at times turned into an OP-ED piece. This fiction book became an editorial. Throughout the novel, perhaps every 40 pages or so, the novel stopped advancing so the author could give us his views and vent about different topics. Some things he needed to gripe about included: the younger generation, the decline of America as a world power, crooked politicians, Congressman and elected officials who travel too much, the negative effect technology has on us. I felt that if something pissed off Mr. Martini that morning, he was going to find a way to gripe about it in his story. It completely stunted the novel and brought the pace to a crawl. In one chapter, about 6-7 pages, there’s a Chinese General, Cheng, sitting in his apt in Beijing. For this entire chapter, we now read how China is surpassing the US as a world power. There’s also another chapter toward the latter part of the book that is dedicated to the history of China, Hong Kong and Britain. Now, granted, I enjoy learning things when I read. That’s one of my favorite things about reading. But honestly, if I wanted to learn about the history between China, Hong Kong and Britain, (something I was marginally familiar with) I would have read a history book. Or at least the author could have educated us in a page or two. Dedicating an entire chapter about this is useless. At this point this novel which jumped back and forth between being a novel and an OP-ED piece was now transformed into a history book. Another example of writing style which slowed down the pace.Somewhat early on Madriani goes to a Strip Club. A female dancer, Ben, works there and is a witness to a crime. An important scene, right? Martini describes the topless bar. Okay, fine. As he sits in the corner waiting for the stripper to start her act, he makes mention of a group of rowdy, obnoxious, drunk 20-somethings. Okay, that’s realistic. But then, there goes Mr. Martini. He spends a page and a half lambasting 20-somethings.Moments later, the stripper appears. She enters through a curtain and is dancing in a cloud of smoke. For some reason, Mr. Martini feels a need to spend 2 paragraphs explaining how a smoke machine works. Why??? It has nothing to do with the novel, the plot and only slows things down.Think of it this way. Imagine if you were reading a book. After shooting at the President, the assassin carjacks a little old lady coming out of the store. He knocks her down, jumps behind the wheel and speeds away. The hero suddenly gets into another car, slams the gear into D and floors the gas pedal in hot pursuit of the assassin, squealing and burning rubber through downtown Washington DC. If this was Martini writing it, he’d slow down the action by explaining the workings of a combustion engine. There was one other scene maybe a little beyond the halfway point. Madriani is talking to someone on the phone. A conversation. Most authors, probably 99.999999% of authors would write this exactly as that: a conversation with quotes. Not in this case. This novel is written in first person and for some reason, rather than writing dialogue, Mr. Martini does a back and forth. I told him A B C D and E. He told me 1 2 3 4 and 5. The word “told” appeared 7 times in a page a half. LINGO: Granted, in real life, Mr. Martini, like Paul Madriani, is an attorney. No matter what kind of job we all have there are certain words—lingo, jargon, expressions—that people in a different field may not be familiar with. (For example, I worked with personal loans. The expression DOC means one thing to me whereas most people would take DOC to mean doctor.) It made no sense how at times Martini, though Madriani, would use unfamiliar words to non-attorneys like myself, yet explain other expressions for no reason.Example: In one scene, Paul and Harry are talking about something court related and one of them says, ‘He’s wet reckless.’ Huh? I don’t know what that means. And the author never explains it. Yet, earlier in the novel, a character goes to pick-up someone at the airport. The person is told the ETA of the flight is in 45 minutes. Mr. Martini then points out to the reader what ETA stands for. HUH??? He explains ETA, a common term everyone is familiar with, but doesn’t explain ‘wet reckless.’In another scene Harry says to Paul “I’m going to the Del.’ Well, I don’t live in San Diego where the story takes place. What is ‘The Del’? Is it a bar, a restaurant, a section of town? We don’t know and the author doesn’t tell us. I live in a city where people refer to ‘the spaghetti bowl.’ Many of you would think ‘the spaghetti bowl’ is probably a restaurant. Perhaps even slang for Little Italy. But no, the spaghetti bowl is actually a juncture where two highways merge. In another scene, someone turns on the air conditioner. Now, to me, most people and most authors would refer to it as ‘turning on the air conditioner’ or ‘turning on the A/C.’ Mr. Martini uses the expression ‘Air Con.’ (The air con’s not working.) Have you EVER heard anyone refer to it as air con? I sure never have. This book really deserves a one star but I’m giving it two. My own personal belief is that I only give 1 star to a book I cant finish. Any book I DO finish, even if it’s bad, gets 2. Keeping that in mind, the last 80 or so pages I just skimmed.

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